10 Years of Ghetto Funk – Full Line Up

Shindiggers can expect the trademark whomping basslines with a bit of wobble and some boombap thrown in for good measure.  It’s a true celebration: the coming of age of  a sound and scene that’s going from strength to strength.

Will Lardner, label owner and Shindig Festival co Founder says: “We are digging deep in our back catalogue and I know a lot of the artists have started to remix some of their anthems just for Shindig.  We haven’t ever seen a Ghetto Funk line up this big and not sure we’ll ever get all of these people together at the same time again. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to dance the weekend away with pioneers who took our sound to the world!”

Ghetto Funk started out life as a UK-based online blog and record label in 2010. Will  Lardner approached Simon Clarke of Goodgroove Records with an idea to create a blog for other like-minded DJs – ie those with an appreciation for ‘party breaks’. They wanted to create something for the burgeoning scene, so that people had a place to find the latest music and artists contributing to this new and exciting sound. The Ghetto Funk blog and label played an important role in the establishment of ‘Ghetto Funk’ as a genre.

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