2019 Site Map

We are proud to reveal Shindig Festival 2019

For those that are joining us for the first time, we recommend familiarising yourselves with the map so you’ll be ready to explore the site in a few weeks and make the most of your time with us. This will also be in the programmes available on site. To those who have been with us before, you will notice that we have made some slight changes so let us talk you through what to expect this year. 

Firstly the Main Entrance for everyone will be at the bottom of the hill. You will enter the site in the same way off the main road and park in the same fields as before. Just follow the signs from the Car Park for the Main Entrance. 

Family Camping has been moved to it’s own dedicated field in place of the old Boutique Camping providing beautiful views and a quieter spot to set up camp. Boutique Camping has been moved to a lovely new field closer to the action with stunning views across the whole site. 

Also new for 2019 will be the Bay of Good Vibes where SS Nautylicious has docked for a weekend of music and cabaret alongside everyone’s favourite cocktail bar Tutti Frutti. Alongside a beach bar and a pirate ship, the Minirigs Submarine will be surfacing throughout the weekend.

Finally not forgetting the Church of Love where Father Funk and his naughty Nuns will lead their congregation of revellers towards sin or saviour down by the infamous Ghetto Funk Nightclub. 

We can’t wait to see you all.