Announcing Soul II Soul for 2018

A constant theme throughout Jazzie B’s life has been filling dancefloors with good vibes and good music. It’s this ethos that has permeated through British Sound System culture over the last 30 years. Shindig Weekender welcome with wide open arms – Soul II Soul. They not only embody the spirit of Shindig but they have produced some of the most influential records of the last 3 decades.

Quickly rising through the sound system ranks in North London playing reggae as Jah Rico, the vibe turned towards more funk and soul.  “We came up with the name not just because of the music we played, it also stood for Daddae and myself – two souls moving together. We’ve always had that kind of relationship – there are not many words exchanged between us, but everything that’s happened has been very much in tandem.”  This magical musical union blossomed despite working day jobs and finding their way through the industry, it became increasingly apparent that there was a need for a greater integration across dancefloors and this became a focal point for the Soul II Soul performances.

By the mid-1980s, the burgeoning warehouse scene provided the perfect space for Soul II Soul to develop their unique, signature sound and broaden their appeal to different people that may not have heard of them otherwise. This was what Jazzie B had set out to achieve and here, 30 years later, there’s still a few dancefloors that they’re yet to conquer and we’re so proud to offer our little corner of Somerset for them to spread their message. We know that all of you will be too!

Release 2 – £85 (SOLD OUT)
Release 2 – £99 (LAST FEW)
Release 3 – £115
Release 3 – £130
(all include 3 nights camping)