Craft Field Activities 2022

The Henna Hub

Natural henna making – learn to make henna designs and tattoos and how to apply to the skin.

Organic Matters

Workshops in Willow for adults and children making flowers, spirals and natural bird feeders

A Pretty Penny

Cut beautiful designs into coins

Wiltshire Hurdles

Learn about woodland conservation, try out pole lathe, shave horse and hurdle making.

Millies Yurts

Yurt making and steam bending workshops for teens and adults

Extreme Yarn

Big Knitting, Human Loom and other extreme yarn shenanigans for adults and children.


Cold metal jewellery workshop, interactive exhibition of art forms. Pimping up clothing bling and ting. General menders – fixing prams, shoes, glasses, etc.

Hairy Hollow Green Woodworkers

Come and do some whittling or watch demonstrations of wooden bowl turning on a pedal powered lathe.

Freakey Boutiquey

Metal stamping (vintage spoons) – hand hammering stamping on vintage spoons, and, bio glitter.

Whittle and Weave

Spin yarn from natural fibres, or whittle a spoon!

Raku Pottery

With Kim Birchall.

Living Lanterns

Make a beautiful living lantern with recycled materials to light up at night

Wet Felting Workshop

Make a hair pin or broach from wet felt, for adults and children.

Silversmithing Workshop

Make your own silver pendant