Frequently asked questions

What are the new details for the event in September ?
The dates are 24th – 27th September (4 nights camping) and the venue is the same Dillington Park Estate, Ilminster. We’ve been in touch with all of our artists and can confirm that Roy Ayers, Goldie, Ibibio Sound Machine plus all of your Shindig favourites will be there in September. We are also super excited that we will soon be announcing two very special headliners. Alongside this will be all the usual family fun, crafts, healing, food and Shindig magic you’ve come to know and love.

Are my tickets still valid for September ?
Yes, your tickets will automatically still be valid for Shindig Festival on September 24th – 27th 2020. You do not need to contact your ticket agent.

What if I have tickets but am unable to attend in September ?
Please consider the following options:

  • Sell or gift your ticket to a friend or sell it online via TicketSwap
  • Keep your ticket for next year’s event on 27th – 30th May 2021 *
  • Donate your ticket to Shindig Festival to help support the event *

Request a refund via your ticket agent – As a small independent event, it would mean the world to us if everyone kept hold of their tickets and came in September or next May. If you’re in a position to not request a refund, it will mean we can deliver the Shindig you know and love for years to come. If you’re unsure of what to do, email us. We would love to talk to you –

* If you move your tickets to 2021 or donate your ticket to support Shindig, as a special thanks you will get exclusive entry to our legendary Christmas Party in December with rooms hosted by Ghetto Funk and Stardust Collective.

What if I have booked boutique camping or hotel accommodation ?
The same options apply as they do with entrance tickets.

How long do I have to make up my mind ?
You must confirm your choice via your ticket agent by 6pm on 11th April, if you don’t your tickets will automatically be swapped for the September dates.

What if I keep my tickets for September and the event cannot go ahead ?
In the unfortunate event that circumstances beyond our control mean that we cannot go ahead in September, your tickets will still be valid for Shindig 2021 on 27th – 30th May.

If I keep my tickets can I change my payment plan ?
Instalment dates and terms for payment plan arrangements on tickets, boutique camping and hotel accommodation cannot be changed. If you decide to donate your tickets, any outstanding payments will no longer be required but you will need to contact your ticket agent.

Who should I contact with any ticket enquiries ?
Please check the email confirmation that you received when you ordered your ticket to see which agent to contact:

Can I purchase tickets to the event in September ?
Yes the event is now live on our ticket page here

What will the weather be like in September ?
Shindig HQ’s head of meteorology informs us that, on average, September is warmer than May !



When will the gate open & close?
The gates will open at midday Thursday 24th September and close at 10pm that night, no entry after that time until Friday morning at 10am. Gate times: Thurs Midday-10pm, Fri 10am-10pm, Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 10am-6pm (only guests and artist will be allowed entry after this point)

What time will the entertainment start and finish?
Thurs 3pm-midnight, Fri midday-3am, Sat midday-3am, Sun midday-2am. For kids the activities start at 9am every day.

Can I put a tent up in the Live In Vehicle area?
Due to fire safety regulations, tents CANNOT be erected next to vehicles in any circumstances. Awnings attached to caravans or vehicles are allowed. You will be asked to take down any tents (excluding awnings) that are erected in this field.  Please be mindful that the allocated space for each live-in vehicle is 5 metres x 6 metres, any large vehicles or people requiring more space than this will need to purchase extra tickets (space).

Who do I call regarding a ticket enquiry?
Ticketsellers are an official agent for Shindig Festival, please email us or call customer services on 0121 472 6688 (24 hours)
Ticket Line are an official agent for Shindig Festival and can be contacted on the  customer service phone line – 0161 813 2222 (office hours) or email

Please refer to your ticket emails to see which agent to contact.

Can I bring my dog?
Due to the event being on active farmland we can not have any pets at the event. Sorry.

What days can we camp at the Festival?
The festival opens at Midday on Thursday 24th September. Everyone holding a ticket is welcome to camp for 4 nights and leave on the Monday daytime (by 3pm please). NOTE: The Boutique Camping Area opens at 4pm on Thursday 24th September, if you arrive before this time you will have to wait until the field opens.

Can I bring a camper van or caravan?
Tickets for camper vans and caravans are available for £70 in advance. Tickets will NOT be available on the gate. Please DO NOT bring a camper van or caravan if you don’t have a ticket for one as you will be turned away on the gate. If you are bringing a caravan you will be asked to move your towing vehicle to the car park after unhitching it. You won’t be charged to park your tow vehicle in the Car Park.

Can I park my car for the weekend?
Yes you can park all weekend for £30 in advance or more if bought on arrival at the event. Please buy your car park ticket in advance as it not only saves you money, it will make the process of everyone arriving on site a lot quicker.

Can we bring booze?
It is fine to bring a few drinks into the camping area, but please don’t bring any glass bottles, these will be taken from you at the gate or you can transfer them to plastic bottles. We allow people to bring in alcohol for personal consumption so a reasonable amount is allowed. Our bars are of a very high standard and reasonably priced so you shouldn’t need to bring too much.

Will this event be suitable for my kids?
We definitely cater for all ages. The Kids Kingdom will be fully programmed with activities to keep them busy and runs from 9am-5pm in the daytime. There will be a performance show for kids to watch between 5-6pm. Then, for the parents that want to stay up, bands are on till late in The Dig Inn and SS Nautylicious or funk lovers can head over to Ghetto Funk where the party will be starting from 8pm every night. Also, kid- friendly films will be shown in the Cinema daily until 10pm.

What’s the deal with tickets on arrival and do I need ID?
We ask everyone to bring photo ID. You only need your unique e-ticket number or barcode at the gate, so print it off or bring it on your phone to show on the gate (Handy tip: screenshot or save to your photos before you leave home if you have trouble downloading images!). If you are lucky enough to look younger than 25, you will need ID to be served at the bar. Don’t worry if your ticket doesn’t have you name on it, as long as it’s valid, all we need is the barcode to scan on the gate.

Do you have showers on site?
Due to enormous demands on our supply, Shindig is not able to offer free showers. For those desperate for a shower, there are a number of showers available in General, Boutique and Family camping. We will be charging £15.00 for a wristband to access all weekend. Please be thoughtful with your water usage on site. Turn taps off. Have short showers. Alternatively, we’d just recommend packing some biodegradable wet wipes and making do with those for a couple of days (it’s only a bit dirt after all!)

Do you supply Trolleys to move our stuff from the Car Park to the Campsites? 
Trolleys will be available to hire from car parks. They are charged at £5 for an hour and will be available all weekend but there are limited numbers on site so please bear that in mind.

Boutique Camping, how do i check-in?
If you hold a boutique camping ticket just head for the main wristbanding entrance (there is only one), you will get a special wristband for the Boutique guests. NOTE: This area opens at 4pm on Thursday 24th September, if you arrive before this time you will have to wait until the Boutique field opens its gates.

Will you be releasing Set Times before the event?
We open at Midday on Thursday 24th September. Music starts at 3pm. Headliner day splits will go up on our website, a full programme will be available to purchase on arrival.

How accessible is the site and moving around it?
You can read up on what to expect on-site HERE

Will there be cash points on-site?
Yes and all bars take card payments.

Can I bring a Caravan to Shindig?
Yes, you can but you need to purchase a “Live In Vehicle” ticket. You will be asked to move your tow vehicle after unhitching to the car park in the next field.

Can I sleep in my Car?
If your vehicle does not adhere to the following rules you will not be allowed access into the live-in vehicle field. Your live-in vehicle must have purpose-built fitted sleeping facilities and either fitted cooking or washing facilities. Any converted vehicles must clearly be a live-in vehicle.

I still have a question that’s not been answered? 
Everything to do with the event is listed in our Terms & Conditions, you can read them HERE