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Shindig Festival

Shindig Festival - 23rd - 26th May 2024

Ghetto Funk

Ghetto Funk Nightclub

Ghetto Funk Nightclub

Ghetto Funk Line Up

A fun fact: The legendary Ghetto Funk Nightclub is the reason that Shindig exists…

Many moons ago, Ghetto Funk Records hosted parties hidden away in late night corners at other festivals that became infamous, and gained a reputation for being damn good fun. The funk was strong with these parties and after one late night’s revelry, the Ghetto Funk boys thought, why not continue the party but on their own terms and this is how (highly abridged) Shindig was born.

The Nightclub is the late night spot to be. Open every evening until the cows head back out for the day, you better be ready to booty shake, fist pump and generally move like you’ve never moved before.

Limber up Diggers, see you down the front.