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Last ever Shindig Festival

Shindig Festival - 23rd - 26th May 2024

SS Nautylicious

SS Nautylicious

SS Nautylicious

Apparently the SS Nautylicious spent the winter moored off the coast of Antigua, crewed by a rambunctious crowd of cabaret performers, acrobats, ping pong enthusiasts and musicians. All led by one Captain Flufeee, renowned for throwing the wildest parties west of the International Date Line and wanted in 167 countries for acts of civil disobedience, moonshining and excessive noise infractions.

We’ve managed to waylay the Good Ship on it’s way past Blighty to join us for a weekend of late night nautyness, theatrical debauchery and mindblowing musical performances for all to enjoy. There’s something for even the staunchest landlubber to get on down to..

So hop aboard and prepare to be amazed without even getting your feet wet…

SS Nautylicious Line Up