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Last ever Shindig Festival

Shindig Festival - 23rd - 26th May 2024

Rubbish Monster

One Love for People and Planet

Shindig has always had green initiatives as a core value and will continue to develop these practices and with your input and help Shindig will continue to grow as sustainably as possible. We are all in this together.


We run what we can direct from the sun via solar rigs such as our kids and healing areas , our band stand and Speakers forum as well as the circus finale . The few generators we have to use all run on HVO ( a premium fossil fuel FREE diesel product made of 100%renewable raw materials which does not release any carbon dioxide into the atmosphere )

Waste and Recycling

We have always taken a very strong line on our waste policies and work closely with our dedicated team of recycling professionals who are constantly at work behind the scenes sorting out our mess. We have analyzed our waste data from previous years and see that we are definitely recycling more each year but still on average we produce 3kg of waste per person and 1.4k is recycled. Lets all work together to push these reclining figures higher . This year there will be even more clearly labeled bins to help make this even easier. together we can stop unnecessary landfill ...


We ask as many of you as possible to use public transport or even better cycle to the festival which will not only gain you serious cred but we offer rewards for those that do . We have partnered up with Red Fox cycling to help make this easier and even more fun . For those that still want to bring a vehicle please think about car sharing ,this not only enables sharing fuel and parking costs , you can make new friends and know your doing your bit (See GoCarShare or Liftshare , here you can look for or offer lifts ) We also add a carbon offset fee to your car park or live in vehicle ticket which our energy partners Energy Revolution put 100% of this fee into sustainable solutions such as planting trees or putting solar panels on schools .

Food and Drink

We go out of our way to bring in food and drink traders who supply the carefully sourced , local and organic ingredients as much as possible, which are served on 100% compostable plates and bowls ... We work closely with them to minimize their power requirements and have them agree to only use non toxic , biodegradable cleaning products.

Conscious Conversation

So much of sustainability and green awareness comes from conversation and being inspired by others and with this in mind we have run a Speaker's forum where panels of experts in all kinds of green initiatives and radical social and justice movements are given a place to share their stories and knowledge. With plenty of opportunity to ask questions and take part in the conversation . In the past we have had leading BBC Planet Earth and Blue Planet filmmakers and producers . To the founders and pioneers of Extinction Rebellion . Talks on Growing your own food to Black lives Matter . We have also have a Campaigns Area where the latest grass root and international campaign groups can share their story and you can show your support , from refugee rights to saving the oceans and rainforests . It is so great to be empowered and reminded that We are the Change we want to see .....

The other little Green bits
  • We have only ever used compost loos
  • We have only used reusable cups at our bars
  • Our wristbands are made from 100% recycled clear plastic drinking bottles.
  • We banned plastic straws and non biodegradable glitter and non reusable cups 5 year ago
  • We are members of the Association of Independent festival -Take your tent home again campaign
  • We encourage the use of reusable bottles (and have no single use plastic bottles on site ) for water by having many clearly signed water points all across sight and have Frank Water on site too , who provide filtered cold water to fill your bottles up with .
  • Within our craft area you can learn many sustainable and green skills.
  • Our wine comes in fully recycled bottles made from 100% post consumer rPet, which are 100% recyclable after use.