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Shindig Festival - 23rd - 26th May 2024

Crafty Corner

Crafty Corner

Off in a quiet corner of the festival Crafty Corner is a hive of activity with people making, watching and learning from skilled crafts people:


Willow Weaving – Weave your own Baskets, bugs and bird feeders.

Avalon Bushcraft – Primitive bushcraft skills –Fire by friction, flint knapping, natural cordage, primitive arrow making demonstrations and workshops.

Glitter and festival flowers – Make festival flowers from wire and tissue paper to add to your Mad Hat! Plus Bio-degradable face Glitter.

Macrame– Workshops to create plant hangers and key rings.

Lino Printing – create your own images and pictures using lino printing.

The Woven Briar – Viking Weaving workshops and wool spinning.

The Swish – Fashion up-cycling & sustainable sewing; we inspire and skill-up Shindiggers to create gorgeous, sustainable festival outfits!

Ye Olde Fairies – Wood turning on pole lathe, spoon carving demonstrations.

Pom Pom Making – Bright Funky Small wool pom poms to add to hoop earrings, or a headband, and large ones to transform a festival outfit or camp. Bright funky colours and patterns.

Tinker Station & Masquetherage and General Menders – Metal work exhibition and workshops making: bangles, earrings, brooches, metal collages, animals, birds, fish, dragons etc. Bling up your hat action: Facilitating people to bling up/ decorate their hat using feathers/ bones/ metal curios/bullet cases, beads etc. General menders service: emergency repairs to clothing/prams/shoes/glasses.

A Pretty Penny – A coin cutting workshop making beautiful pendants and badges.

Wiltshire Hurdles – Hurdle making, pole-lathe, and shave horse demos, and information.

Psychic Sign-writers – Introduction to sign writing workshops, signs can be taken home or added to an installation.

The Henna Hub – Henna workshops, learn to make natural henna paste and apply to skin, learn old techniques, henna tattoos.

Felt and Wool Festival Fairies – Make a wool festival fairy using brightly coloured wool tops; decorate with Rhinestones, material flowers. Try welt felting or needle felting to complete the decoration adding wings and embellishments.

Victorian Rope Twisters and tat stall – Free rope-making workshops using a traditional rope twisting machine

Gypsy Leah – Musical crafty feast and fermentation workshop.

Millie’s Yurts  – Yurt making steam-bending demonstrations, steam bent craft workshops.

Crafty Corner