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Last ever Shindig Festival

Shindig Festival - 23rd - 26th May 2024


Shindig Festival is committed to making our event as accessible as possible for all our customers, please read all the info below to assist you and your needs.

Site Description

Shindig Festival is held at Dillington Estate, so comes with all the challenges that parkland has with uneven surfaces. We install temporary trackway across the site. Access can be challenging at times, particularly in bad weather conditions. If it rains, it may get muddy and access around the site may become very difficult.

There is trackway to within 50 metres of all the main venues but the final access will be across grass. The majority of the grounds are uneven, there are slopes, and a variety of different gradients. We do not offer any official internal transport due to the limitations of moving around the site. 

Personal Assistant Ticket 

If you have bought a ticket yet are unable to attend the festival without use of a Personal Assistant, and are in receipt of one or more of the following, Shindig are happy to issue one Personal Assistant ticket at no additional cost: 

  • Middle or Higher rate DLA for care and/or mobility
  • Receipt of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Evidence of being severely sight impaired
  • CredAbility Access Card – + 1 category requirement

Please note that the customer requiring assistance must have proof of their ticket purchase (complimentary or free tickets do not apply).

Accessible Parking 

Space is very limited and reserved specifically for those who need to use this option therefore kindly respect this and only use it is necessary.

Anyone requiring accessibility parking must have purchased or been allocated a standard Car or Live-in vehicle pass in advance. Please let us know if you require an accessibility car space or live-in space. 

Upon arrival at the festival, please request an Accessible Parking Pass from the stewards and they will direct you to the relevant area, either car parking or the Accessibility Live-in Vehicle field.

Accessible Camping / Accessibility Live-in Vehicle Field

You’re welcome to use the facilities at the accessible campsite for both areas.

Dedicated camping area close to medical and welfare, a short walk from the event area for those camping in tents. Within the area are accessibility toilets and showers are nearby which you’ll need to buy a shower band for. They’re £15 for the whole weekend and area available from our website or at the info point or accreditation office. 

Separate dedicated area for live-in vehicles. Within this area are accessibility toilets and an IBC tank for grey/black water. 

Due to fire safety regulations, tents CANNOT be erected next to vehicles in any circumstances. Awnings attached to caravans or vehicles are allowed. You will be asked to take down any tents (excluding awnings) that are erected in this field.  Please be mindful that the allocated space for each live-in vehicle is 5 metres x 6 metres, any large vehicles or people requiring more space than this will need to purchase extra tickets (space).


  • Car Park to Accreditation (wristband exchange) - 400m on flat field grass
  • Accreditation to Accessibility Camping - 250m on flat field grass
  • Accessibility Camping to Main Arena - 20m, with the furthest venue, within the main arena, The Dig Inn, being 400m away 
  • Accessibility Camping to Kids Area / Healing Area - 200m, some uphill 
  • Accessibility Live-in Vehicle Field to Accreditation (wristband exchange) - from the furthest point, accreditation is 100m away 
  • Accessibility Live-in Vehicle Field to Main Arena - 200m across flat grass 


Please ensure you bring doctor notes / copies of prescriptions for any medication. Have them ready to show security as you enter. If you require medication to be refrigerated, please email us specific information and we can liaise with our Medical Team.

Charging Medical Devices 

You can charge devices at the campsite hub situated on the corner of Accessible Camping. Kindly note we cannot take responsibility for your devices. 


An accessible toilet will be provided on the end of every row of toilets. All accessible toilets will be padlocked and a 4 digit code can be gained from any of our stewards and security. Accreditation will also write the code on the inside of your accessibility wristband if requested. Please do not share the code or remove the padlocks for any reason, if they are removed, then they will become open for anyone to use. PLEASE PUT THE PADLOCKS BACK ON WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED.

Cooking Equipment 

We appreciate that some medical conditions require specific diets and boiled water to sterilise items. Our rule regarding camping gas hobs is that the size of the gas canister must be 300g or under. We cannot provide access to boiled water. 

Main Arena and Venues

Some of the built bars have a lowered area for ordering drinks and stewards are always around if assistance is required. We do not have viewing platforms. If you need to be at the front of the stage please speak to the nearest steward.

For specific enquiries related to Accessibility requirements that have not been answered here, please email – ops@gmcevents.net

You should receive a response within 3 working days although this may be longer when nearer the time of the festival, so please do try to be as patient as possible or get in touch as early as possible.