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February 2023

Finding Love in a Grassy Place. At Shindig we have had the delight of many love stories. We recently chatted to one couple that met at Shindig to hear their latest news. Sophie Eyre and David Taylor from Bournemouth first met at Shindig Festival in 2017 and it was love at first sight! They have become regular Shindiggers ever since, only missing one Shindig, last year, as Sophie gave birth to their daughter, Pixie, over the festival weekend. Sophie said “I literally knew

The Shindig stewarding and accreditation crew are the backbone and the face of the festival. Operating across all areas of the festival site, they are the sparkliest, most smiley, amazing, adaptable, and hard working team on the festival circuit.  If this sounds like you, please fill in this form and we will be in touch soon.