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Shindig Festival - 23rd - 26th May 2024

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The importance of stewards and volunteers to Shindig Festival.

Shindig Festival recognizes the importance of volunteer stewards and stewarding teams. Noting that without volunteers most UK festivals would not be able to operate. Furthermore the festival team believe the stewards and volunteers form the biggest part of bringing the festival together and keeping the festival safe and friendly.

With this in mind for 2023 Shindig Festival is creating a fairer, more fun and more inclusive approach to the volunteer and stewarding programme. Creating better opportunities for volunteer and paid stewards alike. Also breaking down the barriers that often stop people volunteering. Shindig is doing this through creating deposit payment plans and myth busting the fears around volunteering.

With new steward volunteering incentives and a longer term approach to creating the best ever steward experience. Of course the key to this is YOU. Without you we cannot deliver the best festival stewarding team in the UK.


Volunteer to be on our team:

What you will do..

Directing audiences and being the face of the festival. Stewarding in locations across the whole festival from the main gate to the main stage. Working together to create the perfect festival vibe.

General Volunteer Stewards:
2 x 8 hour shifts over 4 days of live festival.

Build and Break Stewards:
3 – 4 x 8 hour shifts hours over the pre show build + post show break. ( Enjoy the live festival).

Volunteers 50/50 Steward Supervisors:
4 x 8 hour shifts over 4 days of the live festival. 2 paid shifts and 2 volunteering shifts. Working with the steward and volunteering management team. You will help to support the wider team and be a key player in the festival operation.

In return you will get 2 meals for each 8 hour shift. Onsite role specific training so you can be confident in what you are doing. Access to the whole festival site with a designated spot within crew camping for you and your team.

Returning stewards will not require to pay the volunteering holding deposit. We will set up new stewards on our steward deposit payment plan.

Paid roles with varying responsibility levels. Good pay to reflect the skillsets you bring to the festival.

  • Meet and greet team
  • Steward Operations Team
  • Event Control Team
  • Traffic Manager
  • Car Park Management
  • Campervan Management
  • Campsite Management
  • Arena Management
  • Campsite Hub Team