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Shindig Festival - 23rd - 26th May 2024

David & Sophie

Shindig Love Stories ❤️

Finding Love in a Grassy Place.

At Shindig we have had the delight of many love stories. We recently chatted to one couple that met at Shindig to hear their latest news.

Sophie Eyre and David Taylor from Bournemouth first met at Shindig Festival in 2017 and it was love at first sight! They have become regular Shindiggers ever since, only missing one Shindig, last year, as Sophie gave birth to their daughter, Pixie, over the festival weekend. Sophie said “I literally knew she’d come on the anniversary, our festival romance brought us our very own Shindig baby!”

“WHO is that?!” Sophie said to her friend, as she first laid her eyes on Dave. “I literally still had my backpack on and ducked into my Bell tent when I saw him! We were then introduced by a mutual friend and bumped into each other on the way back to the tents that night and ended up walking arm in arm. We had so much in common, I was hooked!”

Dave says “In 2017, I was given a ticket by a friend who couldn’t go a few days before the festival. My friend Dion and I camped with a group of girls he had met the year before but I didn’t really know anyone else at the festival. I noticed Sophie arrive whilst we were all getting to know each other. Moments later she burst out in a gold catsuit!! I have never looked back!”

We love a story like Dave and Sophies so we’ve invited them to bring their kids, Pixie (now 8 months) and her older brother, William (9), for the first time and make it a family affair. 

Sophie and Dave told us, “The general Shindig vibe is so friendly, we’ve made friends for life! “The people are one of the main highlights, we often wander from tent to tent, talking to the different people about their outfits while popping in for a dance in between. It’s such a laid-back atmosphere. The fancy dress theme is always fun, and we love the parade! I know all our friends had a wicked time last year and loved the new site. Dave and I are delighted to be taking our family this year!

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David & Sophie
David & Sophie