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Last ever Shindig Festival

Shindig Festival - 23rd - 26th May 2024


The most impactful Coffee you’ll Ever Drink.

Last year £1 from each ticket from the 2023 festival helped to fund a regenerative farming project in the Philippines. Shade grown coffee is one such plant.

This year, a small amount of coffee has been brought back for Shindiggers to taste.

The Proceeds from the coffee at shindig will be going directly to Loloy to get his facility up to spec so we can get the relevant paperwork to export.

What’s extra special about this project is that the support for the project goes directly to the Higa Onon community.  The transparency is made possible through the Geoblocs platform which uses satellite and Blockchain technology to monitor and verify projects.

Imagine drinking a cup of coffee and then being able to see EXACTLY the plot of land on which the coffee beans were grown and also the area it has regenerated. At a glance you can grasp how carefully the land has been loved. How the wildlife is thriving. How the tribes people who steward the land are caring for it are benefiting . Real human centric ecological regeneration.

The future is radically transparent and stakeholder owned.

“We are the Regen generation”

Why is it important?

Regenerative farming is positive farming - an approach which builds soil fertility which in turn supports nutritious crops to grow and underpins rich biodiversity as well as providing a livelihood for the tribes.

Using technology you can actually see the plot of land where the coffee beans were grown and through this web3 tech we can follow its story beyond the cup. Food chains can be long and faceless, greenwashing is rampant. We need real transparency.

If you’re interested in the positive impact this farming approach is taking you can! Clear as day. Just scan the QR code you'll be given when you buy your coffee and you’ll be taken to the dashboard where you can see lots of info about the project. This is a beta model but functional.

Last year Shindig sponsored the regeneration of 4500 m² of land, approx. 1 acre.With more support, more land will be regenerated and more of the community will be supported.

This is the project:


Who is behind it?

GEIA is an Irish based startup that is building a radically transparent land regeneration platform called Geoblocs®.

It is a labour of love and the brainchild of Thomas Richardson, which he is bootstrapping on the back of a small landscaping firm.

Can you tell us a bit more about the coffee?

It’s shade grown, specifically under native trees that produce fruit for the parrots and monkeys that in turn produce the best coffee fertiliser. It is handpicked organic regen coffee grown on regenerated indigenous owned land. It is Robusta and Arabica

These beans have character, an up yours to the straight banana brigade it is single origin organic handpicked heirloom coffee that is grown on indigenous HigaOnon, Bonobo and Talandig forest tribe land. This is a high-altitude cloud forest coffee. Because these are heirloom coffees, they have developed several characteristics which means they don’t fit the straight banana look that is needed to get a high grading which is a real shame as these high diversity coffees not only offer a superb coffee experience but also ensure healthy plantations that always provide a harvest unlike monoculture that is reliant on chemicals to maintain the balance. Also, by forcing these coffees through the grading system which gives the first and crucial 10 points on appearance they are effectively doing these small heirloom coffee gardens out of the race, and also creating food waste by the ones that have to conform. This coffee is being used as a land regeneration tool, one that looks at the social, economic and biodiversity of a project ensuring long term viability.

Where can we buy it?

At the coffee stall near the Rocket Bar.