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Last ever Shindig Festival

Author: Jon

Welcomed to the family in 2022. The Shimmy Discotheque has quickly become a must-go spot on site. As well as being a monthly club night in Bath, Shimmy brings its own magical sparkle. Expect glitter, an infectious dance floor you won't want to leave all weekend and a soundtrack selected by some of House & Disco’s key players.

Apparently the SS Nautylicious spent the winter moored off the coast of Antigua, crewed by a rambunctious crowd of cabaret performers, acrobats, ping pong enthusiasts and musicians. All led by one Captain Flufeee, renowned for throwing the wildest parties west of the International Date Line and wanted in 167 countries for acts of civil disobedience, moonshining and excessive noise infractions.

Don’t let the light fruitiness of its name betray what really goes on in here. This is a pineapple cocktail with a whip of Absinthe. It’s a pint of lager with a tequila eyeball chaser. It’s drinking a blue WKD without any shame because you’re HAVING IT LARGE

Father Funks Church of Love - a haven for fun loving freaks and funky beats! Come and see DJ/Producer and Shindig veteran Father Funk showcase some of the best acts in funk fueled bass music alongside an 8ft tall spinning disco ball cross, hilarious stage performers, daily costume parties, and a large helping of silliness.