Kids Activities 2019

Kids Kingdom at Shindig Festival 2019

We are bursting with it this year! Not only can you test your skills scaling the climbing wall, learn to breakdance, rap ‘n rhyme or get very messy in the paint wars, there is a whole bunch of awesome activities for kids of all sizes.

Ever fancied yourself as a trapeze or hoop artist?  You can learn from one of the best in workshops at Shindig but if you’d prefer to keep your feet on the ground The Kings Of Ping will be hosting a riotous Table Tennis Championship to the tunes of DJ Tofty. Ringworld will also be bringing their massive inflatable playground which is aimed at bigger kids to play and climb on – definitely worth a pitstop over the weekend.

If your jumping beans need to chill, there will be places to grab some lunch or an ice-cream and check out the workshops and shows.  From costume design to graffiti, from circus to jewellery, costume, pompom or badge making… there is plenty to get stuck into and try out new skills!

World famous for spreading smiles to children far and wide, The Flying Seagull Project will be there to create wonderful shows from scratch: the ideas, characters, costumes and props will be woven into stories and performed for us at Shindig.  Amazing amounts of fun from a troupe of people that give joy to children in all kinds of situations plus a chance to learn from professional clowns and theatrical performers before a live audience filled with family and friends.

Little Kids

The smallies will have their own area with soft play and space to chill out with activities and littl’un approved games so they don’t get squashed.  There will be places to get food and drinks nearby as well as secure space for prams to park up so everyone can enjoy the activities across the weekend and even catch a nap or two between games!


We know teens will want somewhere to go and hang out without too much interference from grown ups so we have one! The Mayflower Project goes to festivals all over the country and provides what young people need – a chilled, comfortable, easy-going space.  There is a stage and drum kit if they want to make music, sofas to hang out and workshops if they feel creative, but no one has to do anything: it’s safe, it’s fun and just for teenagers – come and meet friends, make friends or just chill.

Junior Jungle will be providing the Sunday soundtrack as well as shows including Feminist Mouse Circus, Suitcase Theatre and Clarence the Bull – all guaranteed to put a smile on all faces.   Don’t forget the Procession on Sunday at 4pm, get your costumes and headdresses made ready for the big one, it’s majestic and a highlight of the weekend for everyone – big and small!

We also have a different Bedtime Family Movie every night to relax, get your jammies on, bring your duvet and settle down on the cushions.

We’ll see you in May!