Biodegradable Glitter

As summer rolls around once again, we are all looking forward to spending our weekends dancing in fields dressed up and sparkling but there is a side to this that we should all be aware of and making a personal effort to prevent. We need to protect the planet from further pollution damage but unfortunatelyContinue Reading


2018 has been our fastest selling Weekender in history. We are now completely SOLD OUT!! STILL NEED TICKETS? Although we are fully sold out of festival tickets, we will have a very limited resale of unclaimed Payment Plan tickets at the end of April. Sign up here  BUYING TICKETS FROM OTHER PEOPLE Please only buyContinue Reading

Dress Up Theme ‘The Vibe Tribe’

This years Sunday dress up theme “The Vibe Tribe” Need some inspiration: Glitter Tribe, Funk Tribe, Disco Tribe, Beach Tribe, Animal Tribe, Party Tribe, Silver Tribe…. You decide 🙂 What’s your tribes vibe? Prizes for best dress given after the procession.