Ghetto Funk Nightclub

We Bring The Boom

The official home of the Ghetto Funk Nightclub


The Ghetto Funk Advanced Guard have as much fun setting up the Ghetto Funk Nightclub as you do partying in it – and by Zeus’ beard do you lot know how to party!

Last Shindig was a testament to this, within minutes of opening the Ghetto Funk Nightclub it was wall to wall locked tight with shiny happy, wellington-booty shaking, wonderfully psychedelic, funky warriors. This year will be no exceptions. We flying in acts from Canada and America, as well as bringing back some special friends to join in the party once again.

After appearing as a venue in Shangri La, Glastonbury 2016, Shindig Weekender is the now the offical home for this fast becoming legendary music venue.