Samadhi Wellbeing Area

Welcome to Samadhi our garden of wellbeing, the perfect chill -out place where you can treat yourself to a session with one of our skilled therapists. Samādhi comes from Sanskrit, describing a state of being totally aware of the present. We invite you to join us in some blissful moments, from free yoga and meditation classes to high vibe food from our raw café or super nutrient dense juices at our juice bar. We are very excited to have a Homeopathic Travel Clinic onsite, just drop in and for a donation let yourself get looked after! Or you can simply soak in the vibe and relax. Classes schedules will be posted on boards, if you have your own yoga mat, please bring it along.

Yoga tent with FREE classes (laughter yoga, kundalini yoga, hatha yoga, qui gong, meditation etc)

Workshop Yurt – £2.00 each (belly dance, harp play, partner massage, prosperity etc)

Therapists: massage, shiatsu, crystal bowl healing , aromatouch, face lift, reiki, thai massage etc)

Food: Vegan food (@nourish bath), cafe, fresh juice bar

find out more about our sponsor: doterra

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