Shindig at Home – Sat 23rd May

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As you might have seen we are doing Shindig at Home on Sat 23rd May.

We are creating Shindig Festival online and it will be running all day live on Mixcloud

However, this won’t just be another “DJ Live Stream”.

We have programmed a full day, like we would do at the Festival. We are starting with Yoga Classes, then Kids Workshops, Circus Shows, Cabaret, Storytelling for the Kids, a massive Music Quiz everyone can play along at home and then in the evening we will have the cream of our resident DJs playing live so we can all have a little rave up into the early hours!

What do you need to do?

If you wish to comment and get involved in the chat room on the day register to get a free Mixcloud account in advance. You don’t have to do this to just watch.

Plan your outfits, the dress up theme is the same as the main festival: Mardi Gras. (Prizes for best dressed: person, family and house)

We will post set times for the day so you can plan.

There is a quiz, get pens and paper at the ready.

Lastly, stock up on refreshments, get a good sound system plugged in and maybe even some disco lights, there will be plenty dancing!!