We are looking for keen and talented individuals who can think outside the box and are not scared to put in hard work. Special skills that are a bonus: Traffic

Roles include: directing campers to less congested areas of the site, keeping fire/access lanes clear, checking on amenities, giving out advice and directions, checking the general mood of the customers, interacting with customers, helping to create a happy vibrant atmosphere, reporting back any concerns/observations to supervisors and event management.

If you are keen to be part of the Shindig Weekender stewarding team and are interested to find out more please fill out the form below.

“We loved it. great atmosphere, fab people and cracking music!” Sarah Mathews (Shindig Volunteer Steward 2015)

We look forward to hearing from you!

    Please tell us about your festival volunteering / working experience.
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    Main Gate / Site Access
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    Traffic Management / Car Park
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    Internal Gates & Posts
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    Accreditation / Box Office / Information
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    Main Area / Venues
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    Campsite Steward
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    Litter Picking / Waste Management
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    Please tell us what you will bring to the festival and how you would make it a fun and welcoming for the guests.
    Who is your favorite artist or performance on this years line up?.

    You are willing to pay the ticket deposit by pay pal or debit card (this will be returned after the festival in full once all shifts are completed)Yes I am