Volenteers Terms & Conditions

To volunteer at Shindig 2018 you will have to provide a one off refundable deposit of £115.

Deposits are payable to
Account Number: Shindig Trading Ltd
Account Number: 59439874
Sort Code: 60-02-05

Paypal: info@shindig-productions.co.uk

Your deposit will be withheld and you will be blacklisted if you:

1. Do not complete all your allocated shifts
2. Lose any uniform and/or equipment allocated to you
3. Miss your onsite briefing
4. Do not produce documents to prove your right to work and/or volunteer in the UK as detailed within the Borders and Immigration section of the Terms and Conditions.
5. Breach any of the Shindig Productions Ltd Terms & Conditions
6. Showing up late and or being in an unfit state to work will also mean you forfeit your deposit.

You can request your deposit back by emailing bars@shindigfestival.co.uk you should only do this after the event and have completed your shift.

Due to bank processing times, funds may take up to 14 business days to arrive back into your account.

Volunteer shifts are two lots of 5 hours long (including breaks); the time it takes you to sign-in to each shift and travel to and from your place of work is additional to your shift hours.

All Shindig staff and volunteers must camp within the staff and volunteer area provided.


Borders and Immigration – proving your right to work and volunteer in the UK
To work and volunteer at our festival with Shindig Productions Ltd you must have the right to work and volunteer in the UK. Under the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act of 2006 Shindig Productions is required by law to check your right to work and volunteer in the UK.

Official Documentation

Acceptable documents to establish a continuous statutory excuse


A passport showing the holder, or a person named in the passport as the child of the holder, is a British citizen or a citizen of the UK and Colonies having the right of abode in the UK.

A birth or adoption certificate issued in the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or Ireland, together with an official document giving the person’s permanent National Insurance number and their name issued by a Government agency or a previous employer.