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Shindig Festival - 23rd - 26th May 2024

Family Guide

Family Guide

Welcome to the Shindig family! Your families’ experience at Shindig Festival is imperative to us and this guide is here to help you all have the best possible time.

In this guide …

• Getting To Dillington Estate: Directions and Arriving on Site
• Camping and Live In Vehicles
• Site Map
• Food & Water
• Safety on Site
• Logistics at Shindig Festival
• What’s Kids Kingdom
• Essential Family Packing Guide
• Rules

How do we get to the main gate with all our kit?

Upon entering the site at Blue Gate, you will notice wheelbarrows and rickshaws that can be hired to carry your kit to the main entry ticket gate. Cost of rental, which includes the driver, will depend on how much kit you have but will be roughly between £5-£10. Your kit will be dropped off with one of your family/group near to the main gate and will have to be carried through unless you have your own festival/camping trolley, which we encourage you to have. All kit brought in is liable to be searched. Once you have been wristbanded the rickshaw or wheelbarrow will be ready to pick you up on the other side of the gate and transport your kit to family camping.

What if we’ve got more kit than we can carry in one trip?

More kit can be collected from your vehicle once you have entered the festival and instead of queuing you can re-enter through the fast track lane however please note that your kit is still liable to be searched. Kit will only be allowed into site whilst gates are open.

What time do the gates open and close?

Thursday 25th May 12:00 – 22:00

Friday 26th May 10:00 – 22:00

Saturday 27th May 10:00 – 20:00

Sunday 28th May 10:00 – 20:00

Do our kids get wristbands when we enter the festival?

Everyone who enters the festival through the main Blue Gate will be given a corresponding wristband to their ticket. All under 18’s must have the name and phone number of a responsible adult written on the inside of their wristband who will be contacted only in the event of an emergency. Wristbands should be kept on throughout. Teens (13–17 year olds) names and the details of their responsible adult must have been submitted when purchasing their entry ticket. under 18’s are NOT allowed unaccompanied in music venues after 11pm at night.

Can we bring our own drinks?

Our approach to bringing in drinks is simple … bring in your small, personal allowance whilst remembering that we have a huge array of well stocked and reasonably priced bars ranging from hearty local ales to our exclusive Tutti Frutti cocktail bar. Let’s face it, on a hot sunny day, the warm beer that’s been sat in your tent just doesn’t taste as good as a cold, freshly poured pint! Please don’t bring any glass bottles, these will be taken from you at the gate or you can transfer them to plastic bottles.


Where is Family Camping?

From the entry gate where you receive your wristbands, Family Camping is a direct, clearly sign posted 5-10 minute, flat walk along with kit. We’ve made every effort to ensure that this safe campsite is close enough to walk to with tiddlers from the carpark, close enough to the main arena yet far enough away to be quiet-ish! We welcome you to bring your tents however you will be asked to take down communal structures such as gazebos.

Can we put a tent next to our live-in vehicle?

Due to fire safety regulations tents CANNOT be erected next to live-in vehicles in any circumstances. Awnings attached to caravans or vehicles are allowed. You will be asked to take down any tents (excluding awnings) that are erected in the live-in/caravan field.  Please be mindful that the allocated space for each live in vehicle is 5 metres x 6 metres, any large vehicles or people requiring more space than this will need to purchase extra tickets (space).

What are the toilets like for kids?

Children’s compost toilets, specifically low for kids to sit down on, are located in
Family Camping and Kids Kingdom. Please note the kids toilets are predominantly for little children.

Is there anywhere to hose down my muddy little urchin?

Regarding showers, most of the families that come every year bring biodegradable wet wipes or flannels and a bucket. It’s only a bit of dirt for a few days after all! Due to enormous demands on our supply, Shindig is not able to offer free showers. There are however a number of showers available in Family, General and Boutique Camping. We charge £15 for a wristband to access these showers all weekend, available from the main gate or the information point/lost property. For ease, you can purchase them online prior to the festival. Please be thoughtful with your water usage on site and have short showers.

Can we have a camp fire?

Camp fires are strictly forbidden, this includes fire-pits, barbecues and meth stoves. Single gas camping stoves are only permitted and should be no larger than 300g. No fireworks, flares or pyrotechnic devices. Fire Points will be clearly visible and supplied with buckets and water.


Can we fill up our water containers with drinking water?

Water taps (suitable for drinking) will be clearly sign posted throughout the site with one in every camping field and Kids Kingdom.

What if we forget a few items?

We have a General Store on site that stocks a small amount of essentials but it’s far better to come equipped with the necessaries for your family and our essential family packing guide will help.

Are there just chips and junk food on offer?

All food tastes are covered with our plentiful array of food traders and most will offer a kids portion on request. 50% of our food is vegetarian ranging from delicious curry with rice to pasta, pizzas and falafels. Eat Glorious Food is a covered seating area with a small garden, it’s the perfect location to stop for meals.


Safety of children is paramount for the Shindig Family and we are proud of the feedback we continuously get from families each year. All under 18s will have a responsible adults contact details written on the inside of their wristband.

What do we do if our child is lost?

We have a designated lost children area within Welfare that is operated by trained individuals who all have police clearance. Should your child get lost, or you lose them, this is the ONLY location to come to and you can alert any steward with a yellow high viz jacket on that has a radio. Our Shindig Festival Safeguarding Officer will oversee all incidents of children being let into parents/guardians care after being declared lost. A top tip is to take a photo of what your child is wearing each day in case they’re lost you can show our team.

I’m not confident if there’s a medical emergency, what help do you offer?

Our Medical tent, run by a Professional Event Company, is the first point of call for any medical matter and located 150m from Kids Kingdom. In addition to the tent, they provide a fully equipped emergency ambulance which is kitted out and able to deal with any emergency that you would expect from a paramedic crew. All of the crew are registered UK medical professionals.

My child has to take daily antibiotics, can I store them somewhere?

If you child requires storage for prescribed medication, this facility will be available at the Medical tent. Please place all medication in a water- tight container and label clearly with your name and contact phone number. Please pre-arrange this by emailing gates@shindig-events.co.uk

Logistics at Shindig Festival

It takes less than 15 minutes to walk anywhere on site walk, we are a small site yet spread out enough to feel like a large festival. There is one main gate to enter the festival and this is operated by security 24/7.

Do we have to bring loads of cash?

All kids activities in Kids Kingdom are free so there’s no need for extra cash regarding activities. We will have a cash machine on site. There is a small charge to play crazy golf and Aardman Model Making tickets only available on our website for £8.

Is there a program or guide as to what’s on?

There will be a limited amount of Festival Programmes available to purchase for £5 at the main gate and at the information point. These are especially useful for Teens to have if you’re arranging to meet at a certain time and enable them to feel a sense of freedom as well.

Can I charge my phone?

Phone charging facilities will also be available at a minimal cost through stalls at the event, however it is worth bringing a charged power bank charger in case of emergencies.

My parents are going to collect the kids on the Saturday afternoon, how can they get in without buying a ticket?

Grandparents/ Aunties/ kind friends who are coming to take the kids off your hands can meet you at the main vehicle entrance gate signed ‘drop off/pick up’ where you can hand over the little darlings!

What’s Kids Kingdom?

Kids Kingdom is literally that, a huge kingdom just for kids! A huge array of free kids activities which will be available from 9am until 5pm. For the parents that want to stay up, bands are on till late in The Dig Inn and SS Nautylicious or funk lovers can head over to Ghetto Funk where the party will be starting from 8pm every night. Also, kid-friendly films will be shown in the Cinema daily until 10pm.